Starting Over

Dear Readers,

I've made a decision. And not an easy decision at that.
It took me a while to find my blogging voice. I had said I was back but then went away again. The thing is - my priorities have changed. The only thing on my mind twenty four hours a day, the thing that has completely taken over every aspect of my life, the only thing I really want to blog about...
My daughter. Kaelyn.
So I've decided that I'm starting over. I'm starting a new blog. One based on what I know best - Mothering. Mothering and all of the funny little details that go into it.
I thank you for supporting this blog. It was fun while it lasted. Right?
I made a lot of memories and formed some solid friendships but it's time that I close this chapter.
If you're interested in keeping in touch you can find me here:

Modern Day Mom

I do hope that you will stop by and wish you only the best of luck in your own endeavors.

Love Always,



Ch ch ch chaaaaanges!

 Dress || Sweater {similar} || Shoes {similar}
First of all I hope you sang that title in your head - like I did.
Secondly how awesome has the weather been lately? I mean maybe it's not awesome where you are but it's pretty. darn. perfect where I'm at.
A tad chilly in the morning.
Then beautifully warm (but not sweltering hot) in the afternoon.
Only to return to a tad chilly in the evening.

And yes, that's a new tattoo. Well kind of new.
Can I tell you about my tattoo catastrophe?

Once upon a time (in February) I got this tattoo. I la la loved it. It was simple and perfect and... bruised? After the initial two week healing process I still had a huge bruise around my new ink. Awful. I, of course, Googled it right away - turns out the ink bled under my skin.
Except, when confronted,  the Artist told me it wasn't a bleed and it would fade and to give another month or two. (He also mentioned I should get some sun... like that would help with the discoloration)
Fast forward four months later - it still hadn't faded. I went with my friend Kristin to get her arm piece done and met this pretty amazing artist who confirmed the bleed and said he could fix it for me. So a week and a half ago he did. And now I'm obsessed with my arm ink.
And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.


Too much coffee and not a lot of Reflection - the worst comeback ever.

It's been over a month since I last blogged.
Usually when people take a break from the blogging world its for a good reason, such as:

a.) actually seeing the world
b.) a major life event (ie. wedding, baby, cross country move)
c.) their real job gets cray cray
d.) they die
e.) they're too busy being a doomsday prep-er

None of these apply to me.

Although I will admit that I have told several people about my ZAP (zombie apocalypse plan) over the last month. It's pretty brilliant actually - if I can make it out of my house than I'm sure to survive. If I can't make it out of the house I have a back up plan but...I would only last about a week...in my attic...that's probably infested with spiders...I'd probably rather just be a zombie.

I've pretty much reinvented the word lazy. I've also renamed it - stay at home mom. It sounds so much better. There's even a professional term that I use when people ask what I do for a living - I'm the Director of Home Operations.  On some days I'm just a Domestic Engineer - those are the days I tell myself it's ok to have a glass of wine at lunch. And by lunch I mean cream cheese and olives on crackers.

My job is super important too. I have all of these things that fill up my day like laundry and dishes. And by laundry and dishes I mean watching every episode of Pretty Little Liars back to back. I also watched Orange is the new Black Season 1 in record time. I don't just sit around and watch TV though, I've read almost 20 books this summer.

Now I know you're probably thinking - why would you read 20 books and NOT read my fabulous blog Justyn? The answer is simple. About a week ago I logged onto bloglovin for what seemed like the first time in a year and saw that I had close to 12,000 unread posts. NO JOKE. The first thing to go through my mind was:

a.) Holy shit
b.) this is going to cut into my Pretty Little Liars time
c.) I follow too many blogs
d.) all of the above

If you answered d.) you would be correct.
SO the first thing I did to reinstate myself into the blogging world was un-follow some blogs.
Sorry not sorry.
You know what I realized while I was un-following?

A LOT OF YOU have stopped blogging too. And when I say a lot I mean a lot - I must have been following close to 600 blogs and probably only half of them had posts within the last two weeks. So it wasn't just me that went away. Which made me feel better, and made me feel the need to blog again.

And now this is me saying what all of you who stopped blogging were thinking, which is:
"Fu*k this shit. Without GFC no one likes me anymore." or
"I need a break from one world - might as well make it the blogosphere." or
"Why blog when I can watch 71 episodes of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix?"

And this is me saying to you - if I followed you it was for a reason. Because I liked the way you wrote, or the way you dressed, or those crafty things you made that I would fail miserably at. Maybe you had some amazing recipe that I really wanted to try, or some awesome giveaway that I just had to enter. The why and when is not important - all that matters is the NOW. If you don't have time than oh well - turns out I do.

So I'm back.
I think.